+ What Is The Difference Between A Clipper Cut and a Scissor Cut?

A clipper cut is typically associated with shorter, frequently cut hair. While a pair of scissors may appear for clean up and final styling, clippers are the cutting tool. Clients with longer hair (usually shoulder length or longer) receive a scissor cut. To keep ends fresh and a style that always looks its best, sign up for a scissor cut membership today.

 + How Do I Sign Up for a Membership?

Stop by our Arcadia location and we'll have you signed up and looking great in no time!

+ How Do I Pay for My Membership?

When you enroll you will be asked for either a credit or debit card. Every month your card will be charged you membership amount. Cards are charged the same day of the month as your enrollment date.

+ Do Membership Services Roll Over And Are They Transferable?

Memberships services do not rollover and are non-transferable.

+ Are Tips Included with my Membership?

Tips are not included in membership plans. Tips are encouraged and appreciated by our team members. While members receive special membership pricing, it is customary to tip on the single service price.

+ How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Memberships are month to month. Please call or stop by to cancel a membership before the next membership billing cycle.

+ Does 6th & Mane Charge No-Show or Late Cancel Fees?

Life happens. So, if you need to late cancel a haircut or blow out, we'd appreciate a phone call if possible, but we won't charge you for it otherwise. If it becomes a habit, then we can talk about it. For color appointments, however, no-shows or appointments that are late canceled (less than 12 hours advance notice) are assessed a $100 cancelation fee or forfeited service. Thank you for your understanding.