• Whether a clipper cut for a short modern look, or a scissor cut to clean up longer-worn hair, 6th and Mane always shapes hair to look fresh and stylish. And with 6th and Mane's membership program, members can enjoy great-looking hair year round!

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Mens Haircuts in Phoenix, Arizona

Clipper Cuts

  • Clipper Cut Membership
  • $29.95/month
  • One wash & clipper cut, every day, every month.
  • +$8.00/month
  • Add a beard and mustache trim.
  • Clipper Cut Guest
  • Not ready to commit? No problem :-)
  • $40.00/cut
Haircuts & Hair Styling in Phoenix, Arizona

Scissor Cuts

  • Scissor Cut Membership
  • $45.95/month
  • One wash & scissor cut a month.
  • +$9.00/month
  • Add a blow out.
  • Scissor Cut Guest
  • Measure haircuts in months not days?
  • $75.00 per cut